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protagonist [userpic]
by protagonist (kenzicock)
at March 12th, 2008 (01:41 am)

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Two sets of different teeth- both amazingly good and bad.
Kenzi of Anti feminism and Takeru of SuG.

[If these are reposts, then i will gladly take these down!]

ok obviously those are fake vampire fangs, but Kenzi's teeth are so knocked out from stunts that it's impossible for him to talk- resulting him in slobberish [YET ADORABLE!] jibberish, and left with a permanent pout XD
ps. I was there in this live, and funny thing was he had a hard time keeping the fangs in his mouth because THEY KEPT ON FALLING OUT.

more kenzi teeth:

his teeth are fucked up beyond reason, especially in person. But one of the many reasons why I love this guy! Catch him live April 6th in NYC! XD

And his teeth back in 1989-

and Takeru, who's teeth are so brilliant it can light up the DARKEST ROOMS IN THE F**KING WORLD-

His teeth are so perfect, there's no way he's japanese =______=;;;;


Posted by: x (ichigo_no_iro)
Posted at: March 12th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)

kenzi....omfg = =0
i usually find crooked teeth cute but that...is a little beyond cute

He remind me of miyavi.
i'm waiting for old pictures of him with messed up teeth to start floating around the internet...xD
(not saying such a picture exists, just saying his teeth are TOO PERFECT)

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