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foumi [userpic]
by foumi (foumi)
at June 26th, 2009 (09:20 pm)

I was wondering.. is there any photos of Zero's teeth? Did he smiled sometimes? Each member of D'espairsRay does and showing their teeth.. It'll be very nice if someone can share these photos or whatever you have with me~ .__.

aaand I bring you something!Collapse )

by 別に (betsuny)
at March 8th, 2009 (09:36 pm)

Hi, I just joined and I bring:

They're not crazy, but I love them anyway.

Lee [userpic]
by Lee (xphosphorous)
at February 6th, 2009 (04:06 pm)
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The Peace & Smile Carnival was chock full of teef. C:Collapse )

Aurora [userpic]
by Aurora (aurora_ookami)
at June 1st, 2008 (08:13 pm)


YOU GOT FACEBOOK!? Well theres a new app my friend made. What kind of app? A Jrock Teef one thats what!

http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=23435325169 The fan page.

http://apps.facebook.com/j-rock-teef-dfbfj/ The app.


protagonist [userpic]
by protagonist (kenzicock)
at March 12th, 2008 (01:41 am)

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Two sets of different teeth- both amazingly good and bad.
Kenzi of Anti feminism and Takeru of SuG.

[If these are reposts, then i will gladly take these down!]

by Taro (ko_kun)
at February 2nd, 2008 (05:01 pm)

Since I did a KISAKI post, I need a Riku (my unhealthy obsession) post.
Some smiles and his cute teeth (they're so small, but the front two are so prominent!)

by Taro (ko_kun)
at February 2nd, 2008 (04:52 pm)

 KISAKI is God.
and his huge-asss horse teeth are Jesus.
here's a truckload of pics. 
His toothbrush must be the size of a skyscraper...
But holy shit, they are fucking CUTE.

Mer [userpic]
by Mer (uranus_sama)
at December 13th, 2007 (02:31 am)

Hey I just found this comm and thought I'd post this here. I made this a couple months ago.

Gackt's teeth are white and straight and perfect, right? WRONG!
Meet the Gackter-bite.

at June 29th, 2007 (09:45 pm)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What more can I say?

rave_andou [userpic]
by rave_andou (rave_andou)
at May 7th, 2007 (12:31 am)

I am determined to bring it back to life XD!!


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